We can never get enough of what we don’t need

Every day I use this cup.

There are plenty of other cups in the cupboard.
This one is my daily go to cup.
What about the other cups?
Why not cycle through them – enjoy some variety?

There is something about this cup that is very special.
I love THIS cup.
I almost don’t need any other cups really.
When I first saw her at Alfresco Emporium she leaped out at me. Captured my attention. Love at first sight.
Then I looked at the price.
Why then did I buy the cup?
This cup is beautiful and was clearly made with a lot of care,ย  fits very well in my hand,
and holds just the right amount of liquid.
It soothes my soul’s need for beauty.
I loved her from the first moment.
I still do and most likely always will.
err why is a cup a she?ย  look at those beautiful curves.
I am reminded of the saying “We can’t get enough of what we don’t need”.
If I had applied some kind of reasoning or logic about the price of this cup, I would have created more of what I don’t need – an object to use devoid of love, and ultimately wasted my money. False economy.
Instead I chose the lifetime value of love and beauty.
With this cup I am partnered in writing these letters to you, and writing music and stories for children, and giving lots of love out into the world.
So, was buying the cup at the high price worth it? Absolutely.
For many years already it has brought me joy every day, and will continue to well into my future.
With this cup I bring joy into my world, and hopefully your world too.
Wishing you lots of joy,
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