Sound and Memory

It was the sound of the postman’s motorbike that did it.
I caught myself smiling. Somehow I had developed the association of pleasure with the postman’s delivery.
Had he brought a letter? Was it something arriving that I had long been waiting for? A cherished card from a dear friend?

Today it wasn’t for me. I was sitting in someone else’s room looking out the window to the leafy street.
Soon I saw the postman scurrying forward and away from me.
Emails are certainly functional, quick and efficient.
A handwritten letter or a card has become something rather special.

Earlier this year I asked a long time friend to send me a card to my new address.
I wanted to experience the joy of surprise and also to see if he would.
I asked him not to tell me if or when he had sent it.
One day later that month I had consciously forgotten about my request, and hearing the postman’s motorbike brought the memory back to me.
My instinct was to check the letterbox.
Sure enough, there it was.
Handwritten and full of love and care.
Don’t you love receiving a real letter?

If like me you love receiving real letters, I recently read ‘Paris Letters’ by Janice MacLeod. A treasure of a book about how she transformed her life and somehow found her way to become the artist she dreamed of. These days she still creates painted scenes illustrating her letters set in her day to day Paris. Perhaps you’d love to explore her book ‘Paris Letters’ or her other book ‘A Paris Year’. I loved both of them and was truly inspired.

Lots of love,

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