Sonic Healing

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I place my attention on you.
My intention is for you to feel better.
I play the piano for you.
Sometimes it is just a single note, and other times it can be playing a specific song or anywhere in between.
All you do is listen.

People tell me that they feel better, or their pain goes and they feel uplifted.
I’m a Frequency Channeller and Musician.
This may well be unique.


WHERE:   Zoom

WHEN:  Most Mondays 8.00am to 9.00am Sydney, Australia time
This is a Sunday afternoon in United States and Canada

WHAT IS IT:  Pamela plays LIVE.
Each week Pamela tunes into each person in the group, and plays the piano to harmonise the group.  You will leave feeling more centred and aligned. It is Sonic Healing.