Sonic Attunements with the Piano

Sonic Attunements - the World

Sonic Attunements played on the piano, with a group from around the World.
Each Attunement is unique to those moments in time and with the group who participate.  Given we are all connected, the affect of each attunement will ripple out to those around you.
Pamela plays acoustic piano LIVE.  She attunes to the group and to the universal energies at that time. She plays to gradually harmonize the frequency. Given there will be people on the call from around the world, we are harmonizing the world. This is my intention.
From whatever feeling place you are in when you arrive, by the completion of the Attunement, you may feel more harmonised and peaceful.
You are invited to join us.

WHERE:   Zoom Live

Mondays 9.00am – 10.00am Sydney, Australia time
Mondays 7.00pm – 8.00pm Sydney, Australia time
Find out what time that is for you here

WHAT COST:  $36 AUD for each group Attunement

express yourself - make music

Sonic Attunements - Individual

I place my attention on you.
My intention is for you to feel better.
I play the piano for you.
Sometimes it is just a single note, and other times it can be playing a specific song or anywhere in between.
It is subtle. It is gentle. It is powerful.
All you do is listen.

People tell me that they feel better, or their pain goes and they feel uplifted.
This is high-calibre Sonic Attunement. I’m a Frequency Channeller and Musician.


  • Hello Pamela, I want to Thank you for an amazing Attunement session. When I attended I was in such pain in my shoulder and intense chest pains with a tingling going doing my left leg to foot. After the attunement I felt it shifting and leaving my body. Over 20 mins of playing and relaxing doing deep breaths, I felt relief. Within an hour later the pain was gone completely. I felt relaxed and empowered. Pamela is very talented in her music knowledge and intuitive healing as she follows the energy. I’ll be booking again for my next mind body spirit attunement as it’s a great way to find balance. Donna Hornick
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