Change Your Negative Musical Beliefs

Do you have limiting musical beliefs?

I’m too old to learn.
I must be bad at this.
I’m not musical.
My kids / neighbours / partner / family/ friends think ….. about my playing

I changed my beliefs & now I’m playing the piano, at last!
If you have wanted to play the piano or flute (or any instrument) for a long time but negative experiences (beliefs) or fears are holding you back, I can help. With a few simple adjustments in your thinking, you could begin to play now.

I can help you change those negative thoughts into constructive helpful ones.

Before you learn to play a musical instrument, it’s a smart idea to learn how to move on from those limiting beliefs. You don’t have to believe that about yourself!

There are distinct advantages in learning to play when you are older.

I can show you a simple effective technique you can use anytime, anywhere, to change the way you think about yourself and playing music.


Time: 1hr $180
Where: My teaching studio or Skype or Facetime
Bring: A list of the negative beliefs and thoughts you have about yourself & music
Receive: Re-useable Worksheet Template and Workbook
Payment: Direct transfer