Consultations – Ask Me About Learning Music or Practise or Goals and More

Consultations are by phone or Zoom so we can connect wherever you are.

Playing piano
Playing Piano

There are many questions you may have around learning music or
returning to music or beginning music or even
what to do with bored children.
I am happy to help.

With this in mind, I have identified some questions I am often asked.
If you simply know you want to talk with me, and you aren’t sure what your question is, that’s fine.
Just book in with me for 30mins or 60mins and we will go from there.
I am happy to help.






All Consultations are confidential of course.
Click on the link to schedule and book in for our Zoom call. I look forward to meeting you.
Consultation 30mins $30
Consultation 60mins $60
Add a Flower Essence Consult & Remedy $40 – Great to release troubling feelings & suitable for children too

Music Parents

My Child is Bored. How can I give them a musical activity that’s educational? 30mins $25

My Child’s not practising. Help!  30mins $25

Is My Child Suited to Learning Music? 30mins $25

My Child wants to learn music. Help! Where do I start? 30mins $25


Adults. I’d love to be better at playing piano – what do I practise? 30mins $30

Adults. How can I use my time at home to grow my musical skill? 30mins $30

Adults. What is a good musical goal for me right now? 60mins $60

Adults. I’m bored at home and want to play the piano. How do I begin? 30mins $30

Adults. I’m bored at home and want to play the piano. How do I begin?  60mins $60