Play Piano


My students learn how to play the piano in a way where they use it to express themselves and improve the quality of their life, as well as to play with accurate technique.

Playing the piano is a great medium for expressing feelings and over time this can become a worthy part of your personal support system.

Music reaches where no words can!

Given that the majority of people learning the piano don’t want to become a highbrow pianist or soloist, and that doesn’t really interest me anyway, my approach is to encourage a practical heartfelt soulful method of self-expression.

The piano can be the means of an improved social life, retreat from the world (including corporate life),  coming home to your senses, a personal meditative spiritual practice, or even a way to bring listening pleasure to loved ones.

It is a truly special gift to be able to ‘reach’ deeply inside someone’s heart and give the joy of music – your music!


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