Playing the Piano is such a blessing during COVID lockdown

Being able to play the piano has been such a blessing during COVID lockdown.

I can play the piano at home.
It requires no one else to be able to play.
I can play whatever music I like, when I like – well that is also about who I live with – and fortunately I have the house set up and located where I can play anything anytime.
I can express how I am feeling through the piano.
At those times when I am experiencing painful emotions, I can go to the piano and play myself through them.
And, like you I am sure, I am feeling a lot of frustration and sometimes anger, and definitely uncertainty.ย 
Let’s face it, we are in demanding times.

So I am, and I suggest we all deliberately build our Musical Treasure Chest of music to play for all those feelings, whether it’s us playing it ourselves or listening to a recording.
Do you listen to Spotify? I love it!!
I have a number of my Spotify Playlists available for you to listen to.
The address within Spotify is @purpletempo.

Also, ta da ta da!
Up until this week, I don’t recall EVER taking a selfie.
Yes I’ve been a tad shy in that department.
Esther de Charon is lovingly encouraging me to be much more visible.
So here I go.
Pamela Jordan in her musical atelier
Hope you find my offerings helpful and enriching, and that you are managing to stay well and happy,

Lots of love,

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