Piano played to nourish yourself – artistic self-care

The piano is a great medium for expressing your feelings. Over time playing can become a worthy part of your personal support system. Music reaches where no words can! Would you agree that the majority of people learning the piano don’t want to become a highbrow pianist or soloist?

Playing piano
Playing the Piano

My approach is to encourage a practical heartfelt soulful method of self-expression. Playing music for yourself, rather than just listening passively, is a way to improve the quality of your life. For the rest of your life. You could enjoy

  • an improved social life
  • a nourishing retreat from the world
  • artistic self-care
  • balance to corporate life
  • come home to your senses
  • a personal meditative spiritual practice
  • a way to bring listening pleasure to loved ones
  • ignite every part of your brain
  • keep your brain alive
  • build self-esteem
  • achieve that longed-for skill
  • care of your soul

It is a truly special gift to be able to ‘reach’ deeply inside your heart and give the joy of music – your music!

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