Inspiring Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons
for children from age 7 and adults.
Learn to play the music you love!
Instead of music exams I offer two Student Recitals each year.
Lessons are only held at Purple Tempo studio (in Seaforth on Northern Beaches of Sydney) and via Zoom.

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Inspiring Piano Lessons for the Sensitive

boy plays piano proudly

This program is especially suited to children whose parents are not especially sensitive
and struggle to understand their child. I become a ‘conduit’ for you and your child.
Together we define the best program of learning and experiencing for you / your child.

I guide you in the traditional solid musical knowledge
and we build your technical skill and proficiency in playing the piano,
while also attuning to your wholistic needs.

As your music coach,
I nurture your natural musicality
and develop your vocabulary of expressing your feelings through the music.
We collaborate to discover ways to weave this joy of playing throughout your life.

Playing your piano can meet a deep need,
and become a vital part of your personal support system.
A place of solace, self-care and fulfillment.

Piano Lessons Program for Corporate & Business Women
craving a more soulful life through playing the piano

Playing the piano each day can be a joyful and highly beneficial spiritual practice when approached that way.

There are endless possibilities for self-discovery, joy and self-care along your richly rewarding journey,
as well as deeply experiencing the sublime sensuality of the resonant piano sound.
I am happy to help you find your special piano.

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