Others Say…


Regarding Piano Lessons

“This is what I’ve been hoping for” LB

“Yes it was lovely meeting you yesterday, and I felt funny – it was as if you had been sent to me – I have been in a difficult time and every single kind word you gave me put a little light on me” Eriko

“Pamela is a true artistic inspiration and a great teacher…” Madeline V.

“Thank you for your lovely, lovely email. I did enjoy it. And thank you for your kind words about our family. The girls love their lessons with you and it’s always a joy to me that they consistently say they LEARN at every lesson! ” Jan.

“She makes it fun!!” Izzie age 7

“Lucy has really benefited from your broad approach to music. She now chooses to do her piano practise first over all her other tasks. It is beautiful to see her enjoying it so much and making her own songs. Thank you” Janice

“Thank you.ย  Just what I have been trying for, for years. Someone to help her develop this ability in a โ€˜wholeโ€™ way. I can hear the development in what she is composing versus before she came to you. Yippee! ๐Ÿ™‚ ” Helen. Mother of Homeschooled Teenager.

“I love how you recognised the issue with her and how you are prepared to work through any challenges but furthermore you gave my daughter permission to tell you exactly how she felt. I believe there is no greater gift we can give another than to know we trust them enough to be honest with them!” Christina about her teenage daughter

Learning music with Pamela has been the most satisfying experience. Pamela’s technical ability, combined with her knowledge and understanding in other areas of teaching has inspired a passion for learning, playing and experiencing music in ways that I have not experienced before. Her patience and understanding of the human experience have made possible a creative learning environment, where the material presented has provided the opportunity to explore the relationship between music and other areas of the Arts, in a way that has enriched the musical experience.ย  I would happily recommend to anyone wanting to widen their musical horizons” Paul, Project Manager

“I am so happy with the progress the girls are making, and it’s a joy listening to LL write and perform her own songs with such a confident piano accompaniment” Jan

“Thank you so much for a wonderful, enjoyable and successful year” LL age 14yrs

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me and done for me, your hard work is appreciated and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by you. You are very passionate about what you do and I feel that I have progressed in my piano skills because of that passion, which was an inspiration” Jasmine

“It’s one thing to have the knowledge, but they’ve got to be able to impart it! Thank you for teaching my girls” Jan



Regarding Flute Lessons

” I learnt more in 30mins with you than I did in an 8 week course elsewhere” Tony

“Rosie has been picking up her flute a lot lately – she often escapes to her shared bedroom for a bit of time out to simply play – what a gift!” Kate

“I can’t tell you how much Rosie is enjoying her flute – picks it up whenever she has a spare minute. She can’t get enough. It’s wonderful – thank you for encouraging this passion” Kate

“Rosie enjoys it AND she’s learning” Kate, Senior Teacher at Queenwood Girls.

“Thank you for the great year Pamela, and I feel that I have grown as a musician. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next lessons for the exam, and others to come. Thank you for being a great tutor, and helping me in every way” Jane 14yrs

“I am a 26yr old full-time working woman, not your usual music lesson student. I had learnt a musical instrument through childhood and high school and gone through the rigours of music exams. Probably like many other adults when school and university ended, I found that I had no way of furthering my interest in music particularly after moving to Sydney. I desperately needed some inspiration to help me have control over my hobby and learning for fun rather than the chore it was to play when I was younger.ย  Then I met Pamela. She understood right away where I was at, that I needed a mentor to build up my confidence again and to give me ideas of what is out there in the music world so that I can choose what to play rather than be told to. She also told me about groups in the area so I could do something social with my music. After a year or two with Pamela, I feel very confident with my skills in using music for pleasure and to enrich my soul. At this stage in my life and learning needs, I really benefited from Pamela’s holistic style to teaching i.e. looking at everything going on in your life and your internal motivations and adapting her teaching style to suit these needs. In the end, music should always be about providing pleasure enjoyment and inspiration to your life and now I can appreciate my flute playing as an activity which provides this for me” Emily Tuckley

“It’s her fortune to have a good start with you. Thank you very much for your warm encouragement and creative teaching, which let her enjoy playing every day” Jean Fan


Regarding the Playing Music Together Quartet for adult beginners and their Concert

“We look upon your work very favourably” Peter Dunbar-Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music

“We formed unique friendships. We made a commitment. We developed discipline. On the night, we were polished. We presented on the night as true professionals. The best part was sitting meditating and focussing on the event and then the event happened. It might not be perfect but we did it!! We made mistakes, but we did it. We pulled it off. You can’t take that away from anyone. You can’t put a price on that.ย  ย I went out and bought a flute – it was a gift for the first time in a long while. I bought myself a real gift and it was because of the Concert. It was, how can you put it into words. How can you put into words what you are doing means to someone that I’m being taught by Pamela to listen to my inner voice, to feel the music, to trust my instincts. Believe it or not, I enjoyed being stretched beyond belief to play a concert after not playing for 25 years! Work-life balance is being achieved for the first time in years. Playing the flute again after such a long gap has been amazing and has made me feel empowered!” MR, HR Consultant and Mother

“I enjoyed feeling a part of the group all contributing to the quality of the music we were playing. I felt, after spending quite a bit of time playing alone much more inspired to play well and function more as a team member than as a solo player which I found quite enjoyable. I was also challenged by the inherent difficulty of playing the violin to others not just to myself and I could not justify playing with sloppy habits any more” Michael Cowdroy, Graphic Designer

“I enjoyed learning in a group environment and the feeling of being part of a team. It was good to have a deadline and a reason to practise together at home.ย  Pamela is very patient, calm and accepting. I love being able to say that I play as part of a quartet. I feel motivated to practise and maintain music as part of my life. I really look forward to learning more and improving. You bet I’ll be continuing on! And thank you for a magical concert experience” SR, Executive Coach.

“Thank you for inspiring me to play again” HI

“I enjoyed that we were provided with a group of similar level musicians to play with – an experience you can’t get on your own. The music was arranged so that everyone got a part that was important. Broadened musical horizons ie music I would not normally have paid attention to became enjoyable. I’ve met some good people, I think I’ve made some great new friends. Music playing has become more focused. I practise more and I am more confident about researching, studying and experimenting in areas of music that I have not before. I’m more confident about music as a ‘musician’. I feel the role/part I play in the group is as important as anyone else. Knock-on effects for lifestyle are significant. Music is a great hobby to focus on, the benefits for the health of your mind are well documented. It’s a great way to unwind after a hectic day in the corporate jungle. And keeps you away from other ‘hobbies’ that are less beneficial. The additional musical confidence flows over into other aspects of work and home. Feedback from the family is that I’m less stressed since being involved in the group” DM, Merchant Banker.

About Pamela

“I would like to acknowledge you for your courage and commitment. You have so much to offer Pamela and it’s lovely to witness you getting out of your own way and embracing and believing in the talent you have so that you might flourish and bloom and grace us all with it’s bounty – giving those in your path permission to like you, be our very best” Gabby

“You have a beautiful gentle manner and I appreciate your directness and insights” R.

“During the intensive weeks on the project, I found Pamela to be dedicated, tenacious, patient and eager to learn. She calmly maintained focus on her objective, and a sense of humour despite equipment malfunction. With her warmth of character, genuine down to earth attitude and clarity of communication, she was an effective collaborator.ย  ย It became clear very quickly that Pamela is a woman of original spirit. She is a highly intelligent lateral and abstract thinker. She has the ability to be successful in her own right as a collaborator on creative projects”. Ian Graham, Tritone Recording Services.

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