Musician Mindset

Musician Mindset is a core part of all my  music lessons & coaching

This means that I guide you to adjust your thinking in subtle, and also obvious ways.
One way is, I frequently ask my students “what are you doing well and what could you improve”?
This is quite different to what I understand most music teachers do.
They look for mistakes and errors in what the student is doing, then correct them.
So the student’s perception of their playing is skewed. They are always scrambling to fix errors.
They also don’t build the vocabulary to describe what and how they are playing.

I deliberately ask questions like “what are you doing well and what could you improve” so they have a balanced and healthy viewpoint of themselves as a musician. It also strengthens their self-esteem and self-respect, and builds their motivation. We are all more motivated when we feel we are getting somewhere, don’t you agree?

Our mindset is everything!

How you think and talk about your musical skills and your playing makes a big difference to your motivation to improve or even play at all.
Research has proven that thoughts come before feelings.
So, if you are telling yourself that you are rubbish at this, then it’s no wonder that your motivation to practise will be low and you will feel awful. Wouldn’t it be better to tell yourself something like, “I’ve already come a long way from when I began. I’m taking baby steps and getting better and better all the time. I can see myself where I want to be”.
Would that motivate you?

Musician Mindset 90 Day Program

In my Musician Mindset 90 Day Program, you have the opportunity to learn the heart-centred spiritual and transformational principles of the DreamBuilder Program which with my guidance we apply to your musical life.
You are shown how to design the musical life you would love.
You are shown how to move beyond whatever has been holding you back, up until now.
What you tell yourself about you, your practise, your performance, your audience, matters.
Our mindset is everything!

DreamBuilder is a proven reliable Program that guarantees results if you commit to the work for the 6mths.
My mentor Mary Morrissey who over 50years defined and refined what works to transform your life, now works alongside the Brave Thinking Institute, Los Angeles.
This work transformed my life for the better and it can transform yours too.

How do you find out if this 6mth Program is right for you?

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