Music Theory & Composing Lessons

Basic theory of music ( also known as Music Craft ) is included in my individual flute and piano lessons.
This covers things like knowing what key the music is written in and understanding all the terms and signs on the music. In order to understand more deeply, a separate music theory lesson is recommended. In these lessons, we follow the AMEB Syllabus pathway (whether you choose to do exams or not). In addition to this, I assign creative projects relative to the student’s interest and ability, which ‘bring the learning to life’. An example might be a piano student learning music theory might write music for them to play with their flute playing friend. A flute duet for their friend is also an option. Actually, this has been the way much of the music repertoire has come about for hundreds of years!

Theory for Instrumental Students

Suitable for instrumental students learning from other teachers who don’t offer theory. If you are completing music practical exams, you need to complete theory exams to be fully accredited for the practical exam. The great news is, it’s very interesting work!! The instrumental music makes a lot more sense when you know how it is put together, and what the composer’s intention was for the music. We follow the AMEB Syllabus. Completing some Composing Projects to bring the learning to life, is optional. Your choice.


write your own music

Suitable for adult players of any musical instrument, including those who have taught themselves to play. Maybe you don’t play and the mental challenge of music interests you? You want to keep your brain alive? Perhaps you have tried learning from the many free online options? Perhaps you have more questions or it didn’t make sense? Want to go to the next level and understand what you are doing? Want to challenge your brain with the incredibly rich and diverse study of how music is constructed or just learn to read it better or more fluently? Perhaps you are getting older and want to keep your brain active? Maybe you’ve been learning a language and would like something more? Learning the language of music can open bring a world of very rich cultural experiences. Learning music theory is brilliant for keeping your brain alive!! Lumosity is great but perhaps learning the language of music might be more satisfying? Have you read ‘The Brain that changes itself’ by Norman Doidge, MD.
I love working with music theory. Creating interesting and challenging enough music ‘projects’ for you would be fun for me. Yes truly! I’m a bit of a music nerd I guess.

BECOME A COMPOSER – Write Your Music

Express yourself like Mozart

Suitable for anyone wanting to develop themselves musically, artistically, soulfully, creatively. Either you are inspired already or you’re looking for some inspiration.
You are coached in the craft of being a Composer and develop a portfolio of works. Performance of your music is included in the Student Concerts. There’s nothing quite like hearing your own music played for the first time!!

I can help you to experience your everyday life more soulfully with music & creativity and more self-care