Music Practise

Let’s talk about Practise.

Music Practise that is.

Lately I’ve been thinking deeply about what happens when I’m happily doing plenty of practise, and when I am not.

What I have noticed is that when I am playing for myself – that is to fill my own well of joy and self-respect as a musician and for my wellbeing, then the practise happens and all is good. I am in heaven through the music.

Pamela JordanWhen something has shifted and it’s about something else – it could be any number of things – someone else’s issue, a sense of should or duty, or simply going through the motions of the practise without my heart engaged, or I’ve made it about money, then at some point I will baulk about doing it. The well has dried up. I’ve landed smack down in the concrete of earthly existence. Not only is the well dry, I am out of kilter, out of tune and out of love.

So, if I am willing to look and see what is there, my practise (or no practise) is a barometer for my self-love and how well I am or am not doing my core self-maintenance. Have I gone too far over into doing for others?ย  Time to come home to heaven and fill my own well.


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