Piano Lessons in Sydney & Zoom

Pamela at Purple Tempo
builds your self-respect
and real joy for a lifetime
through you becoming a Musician.

Piano Lessons for Children
* We follow a bespoke or set program of work in each lesson with objectives for each school term
sensitive girl* I source the sheet music for you 

* Collaboration between parents and music teacher for the benefit of your beautiful child
* I work with the Taubmann Approach for the health of the body & playing with natural alignment & choreography of the hand. 

“She makes it fun!” Izzie age 7

“Lucy has really benefited from your broad approach to music.
She now chooses to do her piano practise first over all her other tasks.
It is beautiful to see her enjoying it so much
and making her own songs. Thank you” Janice

“The girls love their lessons with you and it’s always a joy to me that hey consistently say they LEARN at every lesson!” Jan JS

Bespoke Piano Lessons Program for the Highly Sensitive 
* Together we define the best program of learning for you or your child
* This program may include collaboration with a health practitioner, flower essences, practical astrology if you wish
* Option of including in-depth guidance on navigating the world as a sensitive person, let me know what you are struggling with
* This program is especially suited to children whose parents are not highly sensitive and struggle to understand their child
* I become a kind of conduit for you and your child
* Your child learns the traditional solid musical knowledge and builds technical skill and proficiency in playing the piano
* Inherent in my way of approaching the learning of music is to nurture their natural musicality and develop their vocabulary of expressing their feelings through the music
* I work with the Taubmann Approach which is about the health of the body and playing with the natural alignment and choreography of the hand.
* The piano becomes a place of solace, soothing and self-care.
* For you the parent, you hear a child in tune with their feelings (vital for wellbeing) and expressing themselves through their playing
* You will know how they are by how they play the piano. Parents tell me they love listening to their child play the piano
* Highly sensitive children are often particularly suited to playing the piano. If so, it meets a deep need and becomes a vital part of their personal support system

“Pamela is very calm patient and accepting” Susanne Rix
“You have a beautiful gentle manner” R.

Piano lessons and Life Skills Program – Child 
* We follow a set program of work in each lesson with objectives for each school term
* Daily practise at home is required
* I source the sheet music for you
* Collaboration between parents and music teacher for the benefit of your child
* Life Skills specifically included are identifying what a priority is, setting goals and achieving them, how to grow gentle/nurturing discipline, preparation and analysis and delivery, the difference between practise and playing for yourself and performing for others, identifying patterns, memorisation and more
* I work with the Taubmann Approach which is about the health of the body and playing with the natural alignment
and choreography of the hand. 



“It’s one thing to have the knowledge. They’ve got to be able to impart it. 
I’m so happy with the progress my girls are making” Jan JS

Achieve your Dream

   Piano Lessons Program – Adult including older adults
We discuss your musical dream and set a path for it.
We collaborate until you have it in your life.
All that matters right now, is that you have the longing to play.
I understand you may have a variety of fears about it, and we can navigate past them together.

I source the sheet music for you, let’s keep it simple.

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you have taught me and done for me,
your hard work is appreciated
and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by you.
You are very passionate about what you do
and I feel that I have progressed in my piano skills because of that passion,
which was an inspiration” Jasmine

“How can you put into words
what you are doing means to someone
that I’m being taught by Pamela
to listen to my inner voice, to feel the music, to trust my instincts” Marcia

 Piano lessons for your “Brain Alive” Program
If your dream is to make or keep your brain active then learning to play the piano is ideal for you. So many of the experts recommend it.

I am in my early 60’s, and my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers with Vascular Dementia in 2018, so I can more than begin to relate to what you are experiencing, and, I’m keen to help you take good care of yourself. As simply as possible.

We collaborate, and I am happy to collaborate with your health practitioner, to devise a suitable program for you.
Lessons are for 60mins at least once a week
Daily practise at home will significantly move you towards your dream.
We keep it simple and I source the sheet music for you

5 steps to begin your soulful piano playing journey Piano Lessons for Soulful Yoga lovers

In the same way that yoga can be a daily spiritual practise or ritual, so can learning to play the piano.

There is endless possibility for self-discovery and self-care (including chakras) on the journey, as well as deeply experiencing the sublime sensuality of the piano sound.

” I just want to play  …..  songs” or
“I want to play piano while I sing” Piano Lessons Program

We discuss what your dream is, the songs you want to play and make a plan to achieve your dream.

We keep it as simple as possible.
I source the sheet music for you.

I am familiar with songs from the 1920s through to current songs
You can learn to play what you want to play.
If you would love to sing and accompany yourself on the piano, I can guide you

We collaborate for your to achieve your dream.

“I just want to play piano while I sing my own songs”.

Sure, you can do that, and I will celebrate you and your dream.
We can discuss what your dream is, and I would be delighted to guide / coach / mentor you to realising your dream.
Would you like me to show you various styles of bass accompaniment for your songs?

Did you know I am also a composer? I write a children’s story series with music, kind of like ‘Peter & The Wolf’.  It’s one of my favourite things to do.



Piano Lessons for Instrumentalists

You can already read music, and you have skill in playing your instrument, and you want to play piano as well.

So you are looking for an intuitive piano teacher who can acknowledge all that and weave in the love of playing piano, to the level of playing you want.

Sure, we can keep it simple.


Piano lessons for  “I’m lonely, isolated and a bit depressed” 
If you (like most of us during a long COVID lockdown) are feeling lonely and isolated, or quirky and misunderstood by your peers, and would love to play the piano, I would be delighted to inspire you to play.

We can include my listening ear and a good chat with gentle DreamBuilder Life Coaching questions to help you uncover what you need.

We follow your lead.
We develop your piano playing at home as a place for care of your soul. (Note: this is not counselling).

I recommend daily practise ritual at home so you build your sense of satisfaction with your progress.
I source the sheet music for you, we keep it simple