Live Music Meditation

Playing a vintage Steinway grand piano, the sound is something so much more.
You may have experienced the difference between a one year old wine and a cellared vintage quality wine? It’s like that with the vintage Steinway grand piano.
This piano has had over 112 years for the sound to marinade in the timber
and store decades of love which then is expressed in the sound frequency you hear.
I am being a conduit to the Divine for you via the piano, so you marinade in that love too.

What will you experience during the Live Music Meditation?

You will hear Pamela play a variety of sounds on the piano.
As you relax and listen, you may experience an energy release (such as no more migraine or shoulder pain), of you may just feel more centred in yourself, or you may receive an aha idea for something or a solution, or you might simply enjoy listening to the music and feel better.

Other People Say
“I had a raging migraine when Pamela offered to play the piano for me. Of course I said yes to hearing her play. Wasn’t really sure about it with having a migraine but something about it felt right.  Within a short time the migraine was gone completely!!!”  Linda Koutsos

“Before a session we had booked, I had a really bad migraine and felt absolutely awful. I came onto the session as we had planned, to tell Pamela I have a really bad migraine and could we reschedule please.

We did that, however, Pamela explained about playing the piano and it just might release the migraine.  I could sense that Pamela has high integrity so I took a chance on letting her work with me energetically – I absolutely am very careful about this.  Pamela said she could see the energy around my head before she played for me and then after, and it had changed from a very dull flat grey to multi-spectrum alive vibrant colour!! I felt amazing!! 
It is clear to me that Pamela is a high-calibre frequency channel.” Julie Lewin

Join us Weekly
When you join us weekly, you are regularly attuning your body and helping yourself towards general wellbeing – just like a yoga class does, however this is sitting down and simply listening.

Like to try a sample?
Listen to the recording below – repeatedly, along with breathing deeply until you feel the sense of enoughness – when you have reached enough, it will most likely come with a feeling of ahhh as you sigh.
Does that feel a lot better?  If so, I suggest you join us for the Music Meditation.

Held at 7.00am and 1.00pm on various days Australian Eastern Time
Times to suit Australian and International time zones
When you book in, the scheduler will convert to your time zone

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