Music of the Spheres (Astrology)

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It’s your time now, and I’m here to help you.

What is meant by Music of the Spheres (Astrology)

In ancient Greece, Pythagoras and his followers thought that celestial bodies made music
— an idea, based in physical truths and metaphysical beliefs,
that the divine and poetic order of the universe could be known.
Dana Samuel, Humanities PhD Student, Concordia University


The way I think of it is, that we are all affected by the energies of the planets in the same way that the Moon affects us.
Each of the planets has a sound or pitch. These energies are eternally circling. We are all affected by sound and frequency.
Albert Einstein said everything is frequency.

What happens in a Music of the Spheres Reading?

The reading is very much like an astrology reading, and with the focus on your areas of harmony and disharmony, and with inbuilt guidance on how to create more harmony if you wish.

Together we will explore your birth chart – a map of the sky at the moment of your birth. It is also a map of the energies and frequencies you were imbued with at the time of your birth. This becomes your natal blueprint.
I will guide you through what it all means.
Questions are encouraged.
The reading is recorded (if you wish) and emailed to you along with your Natal Blueprint.


If you are new to astrology, I will orient you to what the circles and sections and glyphs mean, in a simple way that is easy to understand. This means you begin to be able to read and understand the chart for yourself.
Your questions are welcome.
Then we look at the main energies and how they present for you.
Everything I say is delivered from a constructive viewpoint, highlighting your strengths and opportunities.
We record the session if you wish.
Going deeper into what is happening for you is possible and welcome in follow-up appointments.
A particular question or a concern can be discussed and I can look at your natal astrological blueprint for your guidance or reassurance.
At no point will I tell you what to do. You have free will at all times. Your decisions are your own.

You are the one driving your life.
You can decide that you want a different experience of life, then set your sights on it, and have it.
I can be your sounding board, cheer squad, accountability buddy.

The thing to ask yourself is, what would I love?  What do I want more of, or less of?
We keep our power or take our power by being in charge of our decisions.

In your Music of the Spheres Reading I deeply listen to you, and focus on you.

Some questions we could look for solutions to are…
* How can I be more in harmony with myself?
* How can I be more in harmony with others?

What Others Say
Names have been changed to respect privacy.

“Pamela is exceptional in her work as an astrologer.  She combines deep domain knowledge with an intuition that never ceases to amaze. An astrology session with Pamela is a bucket-list-worthy experience that will fill you with actionable insights and heightened self-awareness.” Hugo

“She always has great astrology insight/perspectives and knowledge”. Karen

“Your interpretations have been insightful and helpful to me”. Alison

“I can vouch for Pamela’s readings. She has awesome astrological knowledge. Really interesting!!” Jenny

“…I am not even sure where we need to go in my chart but I do trust your intuitive, investigative skills.
You have helped me SO much!” Susan

“Pamela is fabulous to work with. She listens well, is patient and considered. Highly recommended!” Cat D

“Pamela I just have to thank you so much for the invaluable detective work you did with my chart. Your astrological knowledge and passionate sleuthing helped me connect the dots of my life and now so much makes complete sense! I feel really empowered after our sessions!” Sherree


What do I use Music of the Spheres (aka astrology) for? How has it helped me?

I use astrology for self-care and self-understanding and self-empowerment.
I use it to help me understand what is happening in the world.
It helps me to begin to deeply understand other people too, and therefore be more in harmony.

I first discovered Astrology when I was 12, and I’m now in my 60’s.
At age 28 I began astrological training and have achieved professional qualifications which I put to good use!
I’ve had lots of time to think deeply about things, and have experienced plenty of highly challenging life situations.

Astrology has helped me to communicate much more effectively because I understand the different archetypes and energy types and energy flows, and personality types and so much more about myself and others.

There have been many times in my life where I have struggled with feeling low self-esteem or low confidence in certain situations (everyone does at some point! Also, I find that the more I LIVE and challenge myself, the more this happens as I learn and grow). When I remember to use my astrological training, I know just where to look for clues to change how I’m feeling. And I do. Over time this has built on itself and strengthened me in all sorts of ways.
This is only a tiny bit of the incredible depth, breadth, height and width of the guidance that is available to us.

It’s your time now, and I’m here to help you.

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