Love Your Creative Space and Your Home

Love Your Creative Space and Your Home

How I feel about my home and my creating space makes a big difference to my productivity and of course my wellbeing.

The first thing that comes to mind, is the use of colour.
I know it seems trendy to live in beige or grey or charcoal or even black spaces.
It lends for some people a certain sophistication and cache.

The truth for me is, that if I found myself in a situation where that was on offer, I simply wouldn’t go there.
For me, these are the colours of depression, sadness, decay, blandness and indecision.
It’s certainly not related to inspired wellbeing.
I would wilt and probably become angry because a core part of my nutrition is missing.

There is a language of colour and plenty of books published about it.
What is your favourite colour? What colours are you drawn to?
Mine depends on the season I am in at the time, as in aqua during the summer and mostly magenta in the winter.

At one time I went for regular massage sessions at a clinic that also did energy healing.
The main wall of the room was painted the most glorious shade of magenta.
Going into that room made me feel so alive and happy and nourished.
A few years later I could no longer go there because the practitioner retired.
I was heartbroken!

So in your home / creative space what would you love to feel?
What colour and texture and spatial environment will bring that to you?

Remember that our wellbeing is 70% influenced by our environment.

Love and light

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