LIFESKILLS: Go Where The Energy Is

So what does “go where the energy is” mean?
My take on it is, whatever floats your boat, or energizes you, or excites you, or makes you feel deeply has a great message for you.
It is a message from your soul telling you that this is important and to take notice.
Why would someone take notice of that?
We all have an inner guidance system called feelings.
Our feelings indicate whether we are safe or not, happy or not, on the right track or not and many others.
When we acknowledge how we are feeling and learn to decipher what the message is for our wellbeing, we are on our way to living a much richer more fulfilling life.

It may feel easier or seem to be more effective to shut down our feelings and ignore them.
In some situations this may be the smart option, as in when our safety in the moment is threatened. I am not taking about this though.

What I am talking about is how we make those decisions about whether to go this way or that way in our life path choices.
Do I get a day job while I continue to work on my art?
What kind of day job do I go for?
Can I go for what I would love to do?
Do I have to continue in the job I hate?

Ultimately the answer to those questions in inside of you.
Your feelings are the stay or go barometer.
If we can continually be aware of and witness our internal guidance system (our feelings) over time we develop a much stronger relationship with ourselves.
We develop trust in ourselves when we heed our feelings and “go where the energy is”.

It is my experience that despite what society or my head might be telling me to do, my feelings and energy or not for a choice might be telling me something else. I always take the time to reconcile them.

In the beginning of exploring “go where the energy is”, I recall starting very simply with decisions that weren’t all that important. I was testing the idea. Then over time as I noticed the results I was having, more and more I applied it to bigger decisions. The result has been a more and more fulfilling life experience.

People often say to me “when you change to talking about your work, you light up like a Christmas tree!”ย  I am delighted to say this is the outcome of choosing to go where the energy is, over many years.

Wishing you a fulfilling life,

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