JS Bach Sonata

JS Bach Sonatas for Flute are among my most favourite music to play. Why? The music has such complexity which is part of why it has stood the test of time to become some of the most respected and admiredmusic of all time. It is a kind of ‘staple’ in the flute repertoire. This complexity makes it very interesting to work with. Part of the complexity is the inherent conversation between the flute and piano, typical of music written in the Baroque era.
Much has been written about Baroque music and it’s benefits. I believe those benefits are multiplied when we play the music ourselves rather than listen to a CD.
According to many experts, it is particularly beneficial for those of mature age wanting to maintain or improve their wellbeing, including brain function.

Music to Listen to
JS Bach ‘Sonata for Flute and Piano in Eb Major’ – one of his most beautiful I believe

Have you had any interesting experience of listening to Baroque music and it helping you?

I have often felt that people who enjoy a long leisurely lunch, as in ‘slow food’ would also be people who enjoy listening to Bach Sonatas? Am I correct?

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