HSC Music Success Through Being Organized

Be organized to be happy and successful

Interestingly, this week a Yr 11 HSC Music student of mine was told to use a diary by her classroom music teacher.

I heartily agreed.

When telling me about it, she wryly commented

Be organized to be happy and successful

“I am SO disorganized!”

Realistically, is late in Year 11 way too late to begin?

If someone is naturally rather disorganized, starting to use a diary in Year 11 could present quite a challenge.
They are not just struggling to cope with the workload.
It means
* building a healthy relationship with the diary
* remembering to put things in there
* remembering to check and consult the diary
* learning to structure their work
* learning to prioritize
* learning to manage their time
* learning this at a higher level while trying to meet study demands
* learning this while struggling to meet social needs

Skilled use of a diary is honed over many years. It isn’t quick for most people. Some people take to it easily, others do not. What if my student had begun in Primary School?

If so, how would she begin?

The Basic Timetable
Give her a basic timetable. Build the habit of following it, and working to a simple structure, and managing her time. The vital skill of organizing herself and her work is gradually learned.

Start now for HSC success

Primary School and Homeschooled children can begin working to a timetable, as soon as they are old enough to understand days of the week and time. A simple calendar can work well. Foster in them a feeling of ownership of their time. Develop their understanding of the value of time and the importance of managing it.

The Diary

Introduce a simple diary when they outgrow the calendar and need to plan the completion of assignments.

Show them how to prioritize their time and tasks. Over time they will notice how long things take, and become more discerning.

Happiness and Success

A core building block to experiencing happiness and success is being skilled at organizing ourselves and our time. Self-discipline is all important, but alone it isn’t enough. Success is all about planning and getting things done!

To succeed in the HSC Music exams, your child needs to learn the skill of using a Timetable and working a Diary as early as possible. Year 11 is better late than never if they are going to maximise their chances of success in the HSC exam.

Of course, the benefits of being able to prioritize our time and tasks go far beyond success in the HSC Exam.

Pamela Jordan is available as a Tutor for your HSC Music Exam in Flute Performance, Music Theory, Composition and Musicology.