How To Achieve Your Musical Dream – Part 5


Rewarding yourself regularly is important. It takes years to achieve a meaningful musical goal. We all want instant gratification, and it mostly can’t happen when we learn music. As I said in a previous blog, setting up your

music practise to include self-challenge, we can create satisfaction along the way with a series of smaller achievements that keep us going.
If we know what our love language is we can reward ourselves regularly to help us achieve the bigger goal that truly builds our self respect, esteem and worth. As they famously say, we need to enjoy the journey rather than always have our eyes on the horizon waiting for the big goal to be achieved.

What is your love language?

What could you give yourself or ask for that makes you feel truly rewarded?
Often it’s the simple things that cost nothing or very little that have the greatest reward.

Remind yourself that these smaller rewards are getting you to your big reward which is achieving your musical dream.

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