Gentle Discipline

Gentle Discipline

This morning I am curious about gentle discipline.

I know that usually when we think about discipline, it comes with ideas of being rigid in the pursuit of something. Being unbending. Unyielding. Tough on ourselves to serve an outcome.

What if, in the pursuit of the desired outcome, we could be gentle in our discipline?
What if, we could stay with the vision of what we want, and, be gentle?

I have noticed that when I am harsh with myself, the product of that harshness has an edge to it.
This is not something I prefer.

When I am gentle and coax myself, nurture myself through to achieve what needs to happen, it gets done.
It also comes with love and pride and the product of it has joy and satisfaction surrounding it.

Recently I bought a beautiful pottery bowl – handmade by an Australian.
It is a thing of beauty.
Every time I see it, I smile – yes I believe beauty is important – for our spirit and for our soul to elevate our existence out of the merely mundane.
I am certain that she absolutely loves throwing pots on a wheel.
It emanates from that bowl.
Side by side, her bowl next to the mass-produced one I bought in a supermarket, it is patently clear she was feeling love and care and her spirit was engaged when she made her bowl.
It also feels very good to be supporting a local person producing beautiful things.

In our music practise, it is inevitable that there will be times that we simply don’t feel like it.
It is a given.
In the early stages of becoming a musician, practise needs to be consistent and frequent to build the skill – muscle memory and brain connections and the multiple new skills involved.

How can we be gentle with ourselves in the pursuit of our new skill?
How can we produce our thing of beauty and it be embued with love and care and spirit?
How can it be a routine that not only builds our skill but sustains and nourishes and nurtures us?
This is the feeling I have from Tina’s beautiful bowl.

Pamela Jordan is a Professional Piano Teacher Mentor in Seaforth, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia.
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