Flute Lessons

I work with beginners through to advanced level flute students
who want a positive warm engaging, encouraging
academic degree-qualified experienced teacher mentor.
Lessons are held at Purple Tempo studio (in Seaforth on the Northern Beaches of Sydney) and via Zoom.

Call Pamela on her mobile 0439 988 567


I love the silvery sound it makes

August of the year you want to begin in the school band
is the best time to begin.
The band conductor moves the band along at quite a pace!
A lot of players are left behind. Be well prepared, and succeed!
When you are confident, it can be fun and very social.


” Rosie has been picking up her flute a lot lately. She often escapes to her shared bedroom for a bit of time out to simply play – what a gift!!” Kate 


* Suitable for beginner to more advanced players
* Learn to read music fluently with correct notes & rhythm
* Individual attention with lots of warm encouragement
* Includes basic music theory
* Includes general knowledge and aural (listening) development
* Learn to sight-read proficiently


“It’s one thing to have the knowledge, but they’ve got to be able to impart it! Thank you for teaching my girls” Jan


Weekly structured lessons leading to the music exam date.
Wide variety of choice for pieces to play.
I accompany you on the piano in most lessons – it’s a very musical way to learn & enjoy growing your skill.
To complete the AMEB exam there is a theory, general knowledge and aural requirement which I will guide you through.
The program is a rigorous commitment, with the amount of daily practise required increasing each year. HSC Music – we collaborate with your classroom teachers to attain the best result for you, covering all the requirements. Northern Beaches Flute Lessons.

“Thank you for the great year Pamela, and I feel that I have grown as a musician. Thank you so much and I look forward to the next lessons for the exam, and others to come. Thank you for being a great tutor, and helping me in every way” Jane 14yrs



Your child is playing in the school band and would like to learn more and different flute music. They would like to learn about the world of music beyond playing in the band & practising at home eg being accompanied on the piano, playing flute duets, pop music, classical music, folk music, jazz fusion.
Then this is for you


Northern Beaches Flute Lessons.

“Rosie enjoys it AND she’s learning” Kate, Senior Teacher at Queenwood Girls.

FLUTE LESSONS - because you want to

You love playing and are looking for inspiration. You were in a band or orchestra years ago and miss playing.
I can keep you moving forward.

There is a LOT of music written for flute and piano to discover. Do you enjoy classical, folk, jazz fusion, pop or movie themes? There are also many play-a-long recordings made for flute to be accompanied by an orchestra or band, which I can introduce you to.

During the lessons, I accompany you on the piano, or we play a flute duet.
Northern Beaches Flute Lessons.


“I learned more with you in 30mins than I did in an 8 week course elsewhere” Tony

FLUTE LESSONS - when you’re rusty and
want to enjoy playing again

Perhaps you played for many years, and that was years ago.
We discuss what you are wanting to achieve and make a plan.
Is there a particular style of music you want to play?
Is your work stressful and you need more self-care?
More me-time?

Playing the flute is great for helping us relax.
The deep breathing is powerful.
Perhaps you might be retired and want to learn music.
You’ve always loved the flute sound.

Together we make a musical plan and begin.


“I am a 26yr old full-time working woman, not your usual music lesson student.
I had learnt a musical instrument through childhood and high school and gone through the rigours of music exams. Probably like many other adults when school and university ended, I found that I had no way of furthering my interest in music particularly after moving to Sydney. I desperately needed some inspiration to help me have control over my hobby and learning for fun rather than the chore it was to play when I was younger.  Then I met Pamela. She understood right away where I was at, that I needed a mentor to build up my confidence again and to give me ideas of what is out there in the music world so that I can choose what to play rather than be told to. She also told me about groups in the area so I could do something social with my music. After a year or two with Pamela, I feel very confident with my skills in using music for pleasure and to enrich my soul. At this stage in my life and learning needs, I really benefited from Pamela’s holistic style to teaching i.e. looking at everything going on in your life and your internal motivations and adapting her teaching style to suit these needs. In the end, music should always be about providing pleasure enjoyment and inspiration to your life and now I can appreciate my flute playing as an activity which provides this for me” Emily Tuckley

“How can you put into words what you are doing means to someone
that I’m being taught by Pamela to listen to my inner voice,
to feel the music,
to trust my instincts”

“If you are looking for a teacher who is not only an excellent musician (piano and flute) but who also and more importantly has the teaching skills and knowledge to enable you or your child to evolve musically in a fun and flexible environment, look no further than Purple Tempo. Lessons in Pamela’s dedicated studio are individualised, incorporating both practise and theory, and are delivered in a flexible fun format building on your strengths and weaknesses. Her accompanying you whilst you play builds your ideas of musicianship, self esteem and what music is all about. As an adult learner my aims in learning the flute were simple – to be able to play for pleasure and understand the basics of musical theory. What I am getting from her supportive and holistic approach to teach and music is so much more opening up a whole new world of opportunity, knowledge and allowing me to dream on a bigger stage.” Jane Kingston. 



FLUTE LESSONS –  for when your thyroid is underactive

From personal experience, I find playing the flute helps my health in many ways, especially with expressing myself creatively and getting my metabolism moving. It combines several of what natural health practitioners say is good for an underactive thyroid – slow diaphragmatic breathing, expressing yourself creatively, and being active – allow your voice to be heard.
I also find it brings my brain alive – Music ignites your brain by Dr Anita Collins.

In her article about hypothyroidism in Yoga International Dr Carrie Demers says

Learn to express yourself. From a holistic standpoint, I like to encourage my hypothyroid patients to literally and figuratively find their voice. According to the subtle anatomy of yoga, the throat (the fifth chakra) is the centre of creativity and expression. If you’ve never been encouraged to express yourself, go ahead and sing, shout out loud, take a theatre class—get those creative juices flowing and experience what it feels like to hear your own voice. Since the throat centre is also the nexus between the head and the heart, you can move toward a more harmonious balance here by contemplating the authenticity in your life. Ask yourself questions like, Am I doing the work in the world that I truly want to do? How can I more fully embody my genuine self?

So if you would love to play the flute, and express yourself creatively, I would love to guide you. Let’s have a chat.
Flute sessions can be face to face (with social distancing provisions) or online. My time zone is AET.

Do you want more from life? I know I can help you. Book a free call now