****  Fairylights Soiree  ****

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As you walk along the winding path to the Atelier, you will be greeted by the camellias in full bloom,
and the warm courtyard light. The evening fairylights will be twinkling making a positively magical atmosphere!

This evening, Pamela Jordan, accomplished pianist, flautist, performer and storyteller, will take you on a journey – an artistic holiday including various genres of music and time travel.

Along the way she will play a variety of songs by none other than ‘The Beatles’ for you.

Pamela always plays music that connects with your heart or delights in some way,
and appropriate for the season we are in.
She often thinks of music as being rather like food we choose for our mood or as nourishment.

The Soiree is in Pamela’s musical atelier overlooking the garden.
She will be delighted to chat with you after the music.

” It was like I was living in Melbourne again, and in one of those fabulous laneway music haunts in Fitzroy. Fabulous!”
” I loved everything about it. The music, the stories woven around the music, the variety of genres, and the gorgeous atmosphere.
I loved it all!”
” Wonderful! May I make a request? (Yes of course!) Would you play more Beatles songs next time?” Yes, and here it is!

TICKETS:  $37 includes glass of champagne!
WHERE:  13 Harvey Street West, Seaforth NSW 2092.

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Music Party
for music students learning from Pamela at Purple Tempo,
and their family and friends.
Invitation Only.
At Purple Tempo Atelier and garden, amongst the camellias.


Pink Camellia