Discipline is the fuel of achievement

Discipline is the fuel of achievement Creativity sparks the flame Passion fans the fire Discipline keeps it going for as long as it takes.

Disciplining yourself can be tedious, annoying, inconvenient and even agonising. And yet, the results cannot

be reached in any other way.
With self discipline, you can make the best of your possibilities come to life.

How do you bring yourself to that level?
You get there by knowing what you absolutely must do.

What do you know in your heart,
you are truly meant to accomplish?
When you experience life as a mission,
the strength you need will be there.
Focus and using your will, applied consistently over time,
can take you to truly amazing places.
Where is it you are uniquely suited to go?


Light the fire and fans the flames
Keep going until you have achieved your dream
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