BRAINSTORM ideas and possible solutions

Some of us really struggle with coming up with ideas or solutions, especially when there is a lot going on.

Some of us have so many ideas that we struggle with managing them, however, these people are the ones who can really help to get you out of the bog you are in, and move things forward.  It can be fun to come up with new ideas and solutions. Actually I’ve just described me – I’m one of those people, and I absolutely love to brainstorm.  The more challenging the situation the better!


It’s amazing how some of the silliest ideas actually have hidden in them some of the greatest solutions.
The key is to enter into the brainstorm from a place of lightness and be playful


What is the process

Step 1  Make a booking for the Brainstorm Session (link below), including information about the general terrain of the situation for which you are looking for ideas or a solution. All information is treated with the strictest confidentiality

Step 2  The session begins with a deep relaxation process


Step 3  We move into the Brainstorm. This will be a mix of me asking you questions about the situation, and both of us sharing the ideas and realisations that come to us. I am also a Partner in Believing that there is a solution or a great idea for you just waiting to show itself to you

Step 4  The session is complete when you reach an ‘aha’ moment, or an insight or improved wellbeing or the appearance of a solution or a change in viewpoint that shifts the situation

Step 5 You receive the Zoom recording of the Session by email

BOOK HERE 60mins $120

Prepare well for your Brainstorm

  • Be in a quiet place without distractions
  • Be as well-rested as possible
  • Be well-fed, that is, have eaten enough
  • Be well hydrated

I look forward to Brainstorming with you,