We can never get enough of what we don’t need

Every day I use this cup.

There are plenty of other cups in the cupboard.
This one is my daily go to cup.
What about the other cups?
Why not cycle through them – enjoy some variety?

There is something about this cup that is very special.
I love THIS cup.
I almost don’t need any other cups really.
When I first saw her at Alfresco Emporium she leaped out at me. Captured my attention. Love at first sight.
Then I looked at the price.
Why then did I buy the cup?
This cup is beautiful and was clearly made with a lot of care,  fits very well in my hand,
and holds just the right amount of liquid.
It soothes my soul’s need for beauty.
I loved her from the first moment.
I still do and most likely always will.
err why is a cup a she?  look at those beautiful curves.
I am reminded of the saying “We can’t get enough of what we don’t need”.
If I had applied some kind of reasoning or logic about the price of this cup, I would have created more of what I don’t need – an object to use devoid of love, and ultimately wasted my money. False economy.
Instead I chose the lifetime value of love and beauty.
With this cup I am partnered in writing these letters to you, and writing music and stories for children, and giving lots of love out into the world.
So, was buying the cup at the high price worth it? Absolutely.
For many years already it has brought me joy every day, and will continue to well into my future.
With this cup I bring joy into my world, and hopefully your world too.
Wishing you lots of joy,

Sound and Memory

It was the sound of the postman’s motorbike that did it.
I caught myself smiling. Somehow I had developed the association of pleasure with the postman’s delivery.
Had he brought a letter? Was it something arriving that I had long been waiting for? A cherished card from a dear friend?

Today it wasn’t for me. I was sitting in someone else’s room looking out the window to the leafy street.
Soon I saw the postman scurrying forward and away from me.
Emails are certainly functional, quick and efficient.
A handwritten letter or a card has become something rather special.

Earlier this year I asked a long time friend to send me a card to my new address.
I wanted to experience the joy of surprise and also to see if he would.
I asked him not to tell me if or when he had sent it.
One day later that month I had consciously forgotten about my request, and hearing the postman’s motorbike brought the memory back to me.
My instinct was to check the letterbox.
Sure enough, there it was.
Handwritten and full of love and care.
Don’t you love receiving a real letter?

If like me you love receiving real letters, I recently read ‘Paris Letters’ by Janice MacLeod. A treasure of a book about how she transformed her life and somehow found her way to become the artist she dreamed of. These days she still creates painted scenes illustrating her letters set in her day to day Paris. Perhaps you’d love to explore her book ‘Paris Letters’ or her other book ‘A Paris Year’. I loved both of them and was truly inspired.

Lots of love,

LIFESKILLS: Go Where The Energy Is

So what does “go where the energy is” mean?
My take on it is, whatever floats your boat, or energizes you, or excites you, or makes you feel deeply has a great message for you.
It is a message from your soul telling you that this is important and to take notice.
Why would someone take notice of that?
We all have an inner guidance system called feelings.
Our feelings indicate whether we are safe or not, happy or not, on the right track or not and many others.
When we acknowledge how we are feeling and learn to decipher what the message is for our wellbeing, we are on our way to living a much richer more fulfilling life.

It may feel easier or seem to be more effective to shut down our feelings and ignore them.
In some situations this may be the smart option, as in when our safety in the moment is threatened. I am not taking about this though.

What I am talking about is how we make those decisions about whether to go this way or that way in our life path choices.
Do I get a day job while I continue to work on my art?
What kind of day job do I go for?
Can I go for what I would love to do?
Do I have to continue in the job I hate?

Ultimately the answer to those questions in inside of you.
Your feelings are the stay or go barometer.
If we can continually be aware of and witness our internal guidance system (our feelings) over time we develop a much stronger relationship with ourselves.
We develop trust in ourselves when we heed our feelings and “go where the energy is”.

It is my experience that despite what society or my head might be telling me to do, my feelings and energy or not for a choice might be telling me something else. I always take the time to reconcile them.

In the beginning of exploring “go where the energy is”, I recall starting very simply with decisions that weren’t all that important. I was testing the idea. Then over time as I noticed the results I was having, more and more I applied it to bigger decisions. The result has been a more and more fulfilling life experience.

People often say to me “when you change to talking about your work, you light up like a Christmas tree!”  I am delighted to say this is the outcome of choosing to go where the energy is, over many years.

Wishing you a fulfilling life,