Love Your Creative Space and Your Home

Love Your Creative Space and Your Home

How I feel about my home and my creating space makes a big difference to my productivity and of course my wellbeing.

The first thing that comes to mind, is the use of colour.
I know it seems trendy to live in beige or grey or charcoal or even black spaces.
It lends for some people a certain sophistication and cache.

The truth for me is, that if I found myself in a situation where that was on offer, I simply wouldn’t go there.
For me, these are the colours of depression, sadness, decay, blandness and indecision.
It’s certainly not related to inspired wellbeing.
I would wilt and probably become angry because a core part of my nutrition is missing.

There is a language of colour and plenty of books published about it.
What is your favourite colour? What colours are you drawn to?
Mine depends on the season I am in at the time, as in aqua during the summer and mostly magenta in the winter.

At one time I went for regular massage sessions at a clinic that also did energy healing.
The main wall of the room was painted the most glorious shade of magenta.
Going into that room made me feel so alive and happy and nourished.
A few years later I could no longer go there because the practitioner retired.
I was heartbroken!

So in your home / creative space what would you love to feel?
What colour and texture and spatial environment will bring that to you?

Remember that our wellbeing is 70% influenced by our environment.

Love and light

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Are you using your Spotify to create a soundtrack to your life?

If you catch yourself thinking “this is boring” or “oh no not that again but it has to be done” or “I’m lonely” or “it’s time to get ready to go to that event but I don’t feel like it” or “I’m tired”…..   You get the idea.

Then you can go into your Spotify and choose a song or a collection of songs to change how you feel.
Music can be used like medicine. 

The Purple Tempo channel has a collection of songs listed under headings such as Slow Down for Sleep and Stay Upbeat.
It’s free.

Purple Tempo is the passion of Pamela Jordan and offers Inspirational Wellbeing through Mindset and being a Musician, especially as we age.


Be Where You Are

Are you continually striving to be better?

There are a number of ways we could view this – healthy or unhealthy.

If though, it becomes chronic and robs you of enjoyment of doing the work or the activity, would you say it has become unhealthy?  There is a place for striving.

For someone who is establishing their skill as a Musician, the striving aspect of it has to be managed as much as someone with well established skill and identity as a Musician.

Recently I was surprised to discover that continually striving had become unhealthy for me.
When my teacher mentor Deren Eryilmaz of Taubman Approach in Europe
talked about the eastern view as opposed to the western view of practise, a lightbulb went on for me.
I had been striving and driving myself (in my mind) and no wonder I wasn’t gravitating to the piano like I used to.   My piano had become like the girl in the high school playground who I avoided and felt guilty about doing that.

Be where you are.
Coming from the solid place of someone who is well established musically, Deren said, you can now take the position of simply being where you are. Now. Stop the continual striving for more or better or different. Enjoy the skill you have. Play what speaks to you. If it’s the Scarlatti Fminor Sonata that intrigues you at the moment, then play it and get to know it, make friends with it, love it, enjoy it, explore it.  This was a lightbulb moment for me! Of course!  So I have been playing what I am drawn to and happily playing (notice playing not practising) each weekday morning first thing.  The feeling of joy and satisfaction and fulfillment and being deeply nourished keeps me going and sustains me.

If you are someone who is in the early years of their musician journey, you are establishing your skill and knowledge.  There are a lot of things you are learning.  The way to ‘be where you are’  is to accept where you are right now, knowing that you will grow in understanding more and more as you go along. Wherever you are, is wherever you are and it’s a rich place.  There is no point berating yourself that you left it too late to begin or regret that you let something go and now you have to regain it or having expectations worthy of a perfectionist.

When you occupy where you are, and accept where you are, and seek to understand where you are, exploration and discovery and your curiosity will evolve your playing. Your skills will progress naturally.

Wherever you are, is wherever you are, and it’s a rich place full of potential exploration and discovery.

I am here to help.
I am happy to help.

Pamela Jordan is a Music Teacher Mentor and Transformative Coach in Seaforth, Sydney, Australia.
She offers coaching via Zoom as well as in Studio.
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Music Practise

Let’s talk about Practise.

Music Practise that is.

Lately I’ve been thinking deeply about what happens when I’m happily doing plenty of practise, and when I am not.

What I have noticed is that when I am playing for myself – that is to fill my own well of joy and self-respect as a musician and for my wellbeing, then the practise happens and all is good. I am in heaven through the music.

Pamela JordanWhen something has shifted and it’s about something else – it could be any number of things – someone else’s issue, a sense of should or duty, or simply going through the motions of the practise without my heart engaged, or I’ve made it about money, then at some point I will baulk about doing it. The well has dried up. I’ve landed smack down in the concrete of earthly existence. Not only is the well dry, I am out of kilter, out of tune and out of love.

So, if I am willing to look and see what is there, my practise (or no practise) is a barometer for my self-love and how well I am or am not doing my core self-maintenance. Have I gone too far over into doing for others?  Time to come home to heaven and fill my own well.


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