What do your belongings mean to you?

For a while now there has been a growing voice of discontent with how we live our lives.
I mean in relation to how much we consume and how that impacts on our quality of life.
It began with becoming aware of how much clutter we have. One of the first things a Feng Shui expert will tell you is, clear the clutter.
I know I have certainly felt the relief when I have finally sorted through things that have been put off. There’s nothing quite like moving house to force me into seeing how much I am needlessly carrying around.
These days I notice there are more and more books and documentaries about living with less.
It’s the idea that our underlying discontent manifests in our stuff, our belongings.
People like Marie Kondo and The Minimalists are offering us an alternative viewpoint to the massive consumption way of living.
Frankly, I think what they are saying is highly important.
One of the things Marie Kondo talks about is Spark Joy.
“Only keep the items that spark joy for you”.

It is such a simple thing, but a profound thing isn’t it.
So I am thinking about all the many people who have said to me that they would LOVE to play the piano but they don’t have the space for it. Is that really true?
On the one hand they are saying it would be a soul choice for them, a heart choice that would bring many years of pleasure to them and their loved ones.
On the other hand they are saying that they can’t have that because they must keep their accumulation of belongings (possibly meaningless?) that they are keeping for reasons they might not be aware of.

It actually makes me rather sad to witness this, knowing the deep satisfaction that playing the piano can bring.
Have you seen this amazing advertisement featuring the gift of a piano to the very young Elton John.
Some tissues nearby might be a good idea – it’s powerful! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you go to YouTube and search for
John Lewis Christmas Advertisement 2018 Elton John.

Tell me if you enjoy the adv?
Lots of love

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