You might call me a Professional Music Maker, DreamBuilder Coach and Astrologer. That’s the simple quick answer to what do you do.
More time reading a great book or being in the garden, walking along the beach, laughing in one of my classes, writing music or playing piano or flute, or delving into the mysteries of someone’s life and helping them transform it into one they absolutely love, is a great day for me.
Certainly, I am about having a more soulful and musical life full of love.
I offer Consultations and Coaching via Zoom or in person at my home studio in Seaforth, Sydney, Australia.  Email me

You may also like to know…
I am Pamela Jordan, a graduate of Qld Conservatorium of Music in Brisbane. I am an experienced Teacher Mentor Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. Skilled in Coaching, Classroom Management, Piano, Flute, Workshop Facilitation, and Pedagogy. Strong professional with the academic music degree – Bachelor of Arts in Music – majoring in Flute Performance. Piano. Composition from Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Followed by Graduate Diploma in Music Education from QUT, Brisbane which lead to being a classroom music specialist in Queensland and New South Wales Public Schools.

For decades now, I have explored many alternative and esoteric modalities. natural therapies, and undertaken various personal self-development practices. In the 1990s I completed training in Findhorn Flower Essences with Marion Leigh in Brisbane, and then in  2003, I completed training in Bach Flower Essences in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2019, it became apparent that my music heals. We all know that music in and of itself can be healing, however there seems to be something more to it with me. It’s something I am exploring. If you’d like to know more about this, I suggest you subscribe to my Newsletter for updates.  Given my paternal ancestry goes back to England and Scotland and a strong creative lineage including Malcolm McEachern, an internationally famous Basso Supremo singer who also sang with Dame Nellie Melba – there’s a street named after him in Canberra (did you need to know that? 🙂 ), I guess it’s not surprising that something might show up in my sister and I. Yes my sister is also deeply musical and plays the violin and viola.

Early in 2020 I became qualified as a DreamBuilder Heart-Centred Transformational Coach with the Brave Thinking Institute, Los Angeles.  It has been an honour to guide my clients to the understanding of how to transform their life into one they absolutely love.

Currently, I am working towards the internationally recognized full Practitioner qualification in Professional Astrology – the FAA Practitioner Diploma.  It’s is a significant undertaking. I’m moving forward with study on something I have been passionate about for a very long time. The profound depth and breadth of the wisdom available to us is wonderful.

As a way of contributing positively to the future, I give to various causes or organisations I believe are doing exactly that. Currently it is the Australian Chamber Orchestra.