Purple Tempo is the work of Pamela Jordan.
Her work now can be summed up as,
she offers vibrational healing and transformative coaching
to help you have a more soulful life.

Pamela has been a Musician for over 50 years.
Following the completion of an academic music degree from Qld Conservatorium of Music, postgraduate teaching qualifications, being a Music Specialist in Classrooms, and decades of being a studio piano flute and music theory teacher, she is now redirecting her experience and wisdom gained.
Transformative Coaching.
In 2021 she attained full certification as a Transformative Coach through the Brave Thinking Institute in Los Angeles. She chose this method of coaching because it has a proven repeatable reliable system of transformation that she can take her clients through and know they will achieve the results they crave if they commit and put in the work.
Pamela has decades of experience as a Coach, and works with internationally acknowledged Coach Mary Morrissey and the Brave Thinking Institute. When I looked back over my life, I realised the times I had truly moved forward were when I worked 1:1 with a Coach skilled in the area I was wanting to achieve.
Now Pamela is bringing heart-centred spiritual and transformational principles to her skillset and mindset. After many years of struggling to make her own life work, this is what brought it all together for her. She teaches the principles for living a vision-driven life by your design.
She’s doing it and you can too!


What makes Pamela’s Transformative Coaching diferent?
She combines self-care,
deep understanding of music,
heart-centered spiritual and transformational principles, and
comes from a life full of experiencing her own personal transformation
as well as over 35yrs experience as a successful Coach.
Her coaching style is to seek to understand
through asking evocative questions,
rather than being directive.
Your power stays with you.



” It is an honour to work with you “