5 Ways Learning Music Benefits Children

It will boost their brain power Want to give your child a mental advantage? Music can do that. Many studies show children who learn a musical instrument achiever higher academic results.

It improves memory
Inherent in the learning of music is having to memorise more and more. We aim to look ahead of where we are playing.

It helps build their social confidence
Being involved in a music group such as the school band, helps them to learn important skills. The band is a team, so they are learning team work.

It builds confidenceAll the little achievements along the way, and there are many, build their belief in their ability to do things. Especially if they have a teacher who recognizes their growing skill. Itโ€™s very easy for a student to be discouraged โ€“ there is a lot to learn of course! The teacher needs to help the student to see their achievement, and celebrate it. Help them to see what they are doing well.

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